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GAP CLOSURE TOOLKIT: Strategic Approaches to Success — KASC’s newest toolkit is a multi-part attack on the achievement gap. The research-based, strategic approaches included in the kit will:

  • Build the case for the belief that “all brains can learn”
  • Demystify what actually happens during learning
  • Attack misinformation about “What is smart?” with facts and relatable learning experiences
  • Give students tools to be stronger learners
  • Change beliefs and actions without extensive training by focusing on student motivation and existing strengths
  • Increase INTENT for every action

The Gap Closure Toolkit provides ready-to-use activities and resources for everyone in your school community to close the gap for all students. View kit Overview, Samples, and Index.

GROWTH MINDSET TOOLKIT: A growth mindset can increase test scores, promote deeper learning, enable students to recover from failure, and close achievement gaps. KASC’s Growth Mindset Toolkit provides the resources, strategies, and support needed to develop growth mindset classrooms. Sections of the toolkit include engaging activities for:

  • Building understanding of growth mindset
  • Teaching how the brain learns
  • Reinforcing growth mindset traits
  • Using and teaching growth mindset talk
  • Providing feedback and strategies to improve all student work
  • Creating an environment that supports a growth mindset

This toolkit is great for both experienced growth mindset schools/classrooms and for those just beginning the process. See Overview and Sample.
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