Legislative Update (3-22-2019)

We are in the middle of the Governor’s 10-day veto period. During these ten days the Governor can sign, veto, or allow bills to become law without his signature. The 2019 General Assembly will meet only one more day, Thursday March 28. On March 28 the legislature can override a veto by a vote of at least 51 in the House and 20 in the Senate. If the Governor’s veto is not overridden, the bill does not become law. The House and Senate cannot vote on any bills UNTIL March 28. That will be the last day the two bodies can act. However, the Governor can veto any bill they pass on the last day. The new laws take effect 90 days after the legislature adjourns on March 28 unless there is an Emergency Clause and they take effect immediately.   Thus, most of the new laws will take effect on or about June 28, 2019.

Today is the ninth in a series of weekly legislative emails to keep you informed about relevant education bills. KASC is tracking numerous bills that have direct impact on teaching and learning for teachers, parents, principals, students, and councils.

In this announcement we will share...

  1. New Laws Passed this Session
  2. Bills Passed by House and Senate; Delivered to the Governor
  3. Status of Other Bills


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Group of people in a meetingWhen a principal vacancy occurs, the superintendent and council must complete a legally required training before beginning the selection process. KASC has delivered Selection of a Principal to more than 200 councils in the past 5 years and can provide your council with an experienced, knowledgeable trainer. The resources and guidance available from KASC are based on more than 15 years of experience and collaboration with other organizations. Contact [email protected] if your council must start the important task of selecting a quality principal.

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