April 2, 2020

This week, Governor Beshear signed SB 150 into law, the COVID-19 legislation, which impacts the Open Meetings law and other aspects of state government. The major change for open meetings is that pubic agencies may hold any meeting, regular or special called, by live video teleconference or *live audio teleconference, if the public agency does not have the capacity and availability to provide for live video during the state of emergency.


Councils and committees should not continue to meet in person but provide for members and the public to participate through video teleconferencing  (KRS 61.826). Please visit our Legislative News page for steps that will help your council to abide by the Open Meetings Law, Video teleconferencing statute, and SB 150 addressing COVID-19.

Please continue on to our Legislative News page to learn more about video teleconferencing and Opens Record Request.


As you know, the current council is in place until June 30, 2020, but councils need to have elections in time for new members to begin on July 1. Some councils have chosen to delay elections to see if school will resume, which is preferred. It will soon be time to figure out an alternative which could include electronic/online elections.* Please remember that teachers conduct their election and parents conduct the election for parent members. The principal can share this advice and ideas but should not be conducting the election.
*KASC advice is in accordance with the KDE email to SBDM Coordinators on 3/26/20.

Please continue on to our Legislative News page to learn more.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on April 1, the Senate and House adopted HB 352 which is a one-year Executive Branch budget. Major points related to education in this budget include:

  • Most public education spending will remain at the current levels for this upcoming year
  • Teacher pensions will be fully funded
  • SEEK level stay at the current $4000 per year.

Budget Bill HB 352 has been delivered to the Governor and the legislature has adjourned until April 13 when they can consider any gubernatorial vetoes. The 2020 General Assembly must end by April 15 and we will have a one-year budget.

In January 2021, the legislature will return to Frankfort to introduce a budget for the second year of the biennial budget when revenue forecasts will be more accurate.

Impact Kentucky Survey

Working Conditions Survey

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) 2020 Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey, formerly the TELL Working Conditions Survey ended on Friday, February 21, 2020. For almost ten years, a working conditions survey has provided all certified Kentucky public school staff members with an opportunity to make their voices heard. KASC has highlighted some ways that you can use the results of the survey.

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