KASC's user-friendly and easy-to-follow graphs show you exactly where you need to focus!  Our graphs come with a Leadership Guide for Studying Your Scores which gives you the tools to guide staff and shareholders through test score analysis and reflection.  Let KASC take the prep work out of your data analysis, so you can focus on understanding and analyzing test scores and ultimately increase student achievement. 

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Kentucky Family and School Partnership Guide

For the most effective education, students need to be partners on their education team. The same is true for parents and families, and the new Kentucky Family and School Partnership Guide from the Prichard Committee can help. Whether your school is already deeply involved in building that partnership, looking to refocus your efforts, or starting from the ground floor, this guide can serve your needs.

KAS BundleKENTUCKY ACADEMIC STANDARDS BUNDLE Based on feedback from school leaders, KASC has taken the updated Kentucky Academic Standards and reformatted them in four ways (Checklists, Card Strips, Academic Standards Comparison, and Sortable Database). The easier-to-use formats allow the standards to be used in a variety of ways for different purposes. Download our flyer to learn more.

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KASC Workshops

  • Experienced educators to provide engaging sessions in your school/district at reasonable rates
  • SBDM sessions led by KDE endorsed trainers
  • Do-It-Yourself sessions
  • Discounts for Member schools on all workshops
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