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KDE updated guidance on SBDM elections

The Kentucky Department of Education has updated their guidance on SBDM elections and now allows parent groups and teachers to hold elections online electronically, in person, or a combination of both. Electronic elections were an option during the first COVID peak, but with this new KDE guidance, the option of electronic elections is available all the time.

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KASC is seeking delegates and board members

KASC is seeking to elect new members to our Board of Directors.

We encourage your help in finding strong candidates. We are currently asking for nominations for board members and delegates to represent each SBDM council in voting.

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KASC Guidance for Online Elections

April 20, 2020 -- KASC advice is in accordance with the KDE email to SBDM Coordinators on 3/26/20; this version has been improved based on discussions with PTA and feedback from member schools.

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