Grading Issues

KASC has received several questions about whether/how to change policies in regard to grading during this NTI period. This is a complex issue that may or may not involve SBDM councils.

 KRS 160.345(3)(b) indicates local school boards shall adopt policies related to school-based decision making, including “assessment of individual student progress, including testing and reporting of student progress to students, parents, the school district, the community, and the state.” KRS 160.345(4) allows the local board of education to grant to the school-based decision making council any authority permitted by law. As a result, assignment of student grades is a matter determined at the local district level, often by school-based decision making councils.

If your district has granted the authority of assigning student grades to the SBDM council, then you may need to address your policy on grading. If you believe a change may be necessary, please consider the following:

  • Is our policy applicable to what we are doing during NTI days? Must we make any adjustments?
  • What is equitable for all our students at this time?
  • What do our bylaws say about changing policy?
  • How many readings do we need on a policy to make a change?

If adjustments by the council are needed, KASC strongly recommends that your council confer with other school and district leaders, as well as getting feedback from students and families, plus seeking guidance from state experts, as needed. In this unprecedented situation, there can be many unintended consequences which can be quite serious at the high school level. It may be possible to make adjustments that only apply to these NTI days.

On April 7, KDE posted guidance on grading, linked in the information above, as well as:

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